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SignSafe by ASTAV

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One of the greatest risks to today's e-economy is the theft of personal data credentials. Whether the credential is a Social Security number used by a consumer to apply for a mortgage or a password used by an investment banker to conduct derivative trades, personal data credentials represent the Achilles' Heel of the Information Age. Such credentials are all too easily stolen due to data breaches and lax security at many organizations and lead to Billions of dollars of annual losses due to online and real-world fraud. In 2007 there were 221,226 US Internet Fraud complaints in 2007, and the costs of the US Internet Fraud for that year amounted to $525.7 Million (source: FTC).


The simplest and most elegant way to solve this problem is to put the security and authorization of important transactions back in the hands of the owner of the data credential whereby international financial trades, applications for credit and large or unusual credit card purchases cannot be conducted without the express authorization of the end-user.


SignSafe by ASTAV accomplishes this by transforming our near-ubiquitous cellphones into a transaction authorization mechanism that allows consumers, bankers, business owners and IT system administrators to reclaim control over their data credentials such that no mortgage, stock trade, corporate purchase or user priviledge change is conducted unless it has express real-time authorization from the owner of the data credential being used to conduct the transaction.

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